Premise, My project was to design a new monument in order to present the ‹new Jerusalem.› The monument depicts the city as a united one city, encourage the citizens of each side hopeful to a united future and define itself as the symbol of Jerusalem by montaging the new with the old symbol in order to have the legacy of the past. In designing Copula Hall in The City and The City, it functions as a checkpoint between the two cities. The concept of the design is to make the checkpoint monumental as well as to facilitate the traffic from Berszel and Ul Qoma. The design does not only function as a checkpoint but also as the monument. In addition people and traffic can pass through as well as working as the monument of the city for both Berszel and Ul Qoma. «It is one of the few places that has the same name in both cities because it›s not crosshatched building nor Alter building.» (The City and the City, 59)